How To create & Run a 
Electrician Business
competing On Price!!!

"Why.. are you doing this James?"

Because it's the most IMPORTANT part of an Electrician business that I was missing when I started....

I'm FOCUSED on sharing HOW you can Market an Electrical business....

Without Being the Cheapest bloke in town!


When I first started my business....

I didn't know how to find customers....

Ashamed to admit, it felt like I had to drop my prices just to win work...

That was before I learned...

1. How to Market an electrician business

2. How to Build Online Systems that would automate building a customer base 

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3. Send a "Voice message" and ask your question. 

**Start your question by saying "Hey James!"...

 Please ask questions less than 1 minute 30 seconds. Also please keep swearing down as I have young people who also listen in.

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